Our Story

My name is Linda Laird Staszewski. My previous career was in manufacturing, where I worked as an Industrial/Safety Engineer.  However, I found my passion in life is sculpting with polymer clay.  My goal is to share this passion through Escape-to-Create Creativity Workshops, to allow people to develop their own creativity.

My Mother and I attended numerous Doll Conventions throughout the years.  We made so many wonderful memories.  I learned an array of new techniques each time and would travel to take classes from some of the true master artists.  It was always awe-inspiring to see the works of some of the most famous artists in the world!  Being able to share this with my dear Mother was such a blessing.  She would sew the clothes for my creations.  We were a team.  When she passed in 2004, I didn’t touch clay again for 10 years. It was too emotional, with so many memories.