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At this Event, you will learn techniques for 'FINDING JOY & GRATITUDE DURING DIFFICULT TIMES'. I will present, along with my colleagues, Jennie Askins, Meditation and Li...
Finding Joy & Gratitude During Difficult
2 hr

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Safia Kassir

I love Escape to Create Workshops Events! These events are a time where I create and feel focused!  Linda is a fantastic teacher and always makes sure her guests leave happier then they came!  I recommend these events to anyone wanting to connect within themselves, connect with others, create, escape, and have a fun time!

Love Escape-to-Sculpt workshops with Linda. She makes it so easy to follow along step-by-step to make unique creations that become "mine!" You leave her class feeling accomplished and confident.  The environment allows for a great social escape with friends. BYO refreshments, friends and learning something new. Great FUN! Thank you Linda Straszewski! 

JoAnne Lenart Weary

Linda is awesome, the workshop was fun, Even the food was fabulous!

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